weddings in Ireland

Weddings in Ireland; Linking The Old and the New

weddings in Ireland
wedding ceremony with Rev Helen Webb

Interfaith Minister weddings In Ireland

I am an Interfaith Minister and legal wedding solemniser in Connemara, County Galway in the Irish Republic.  I have performed up to 30 weddings in Ireland (per year) for the past 3 years including this years bookings.  I believe this gives me a pretty good idea of how the wedding industry is going on these western shores.

Spirit of Inclusion Weddings In Ireland

Well, we’re moving forward with great creativity, heart and a spirit of inclusion of the old and the new. The energy and character of Irish weddings is focusing through great efforts made in the hospitality area, the legal side (particularly the introduction of legal same sex marriages and the inclusion of Interfaith Ministers on the government’s legal solemniser’s list) and through meaningful spirituality (without necessarily including denominational religion).  This “Irish Wedding” energy, as I perceive it here in my region, has a huge warm heart, a creative soul which welcomes the new whilst gracefully including elements of the traditional and the magic of the indigenous culture of the west.

I mention above the non-denominational nature of ceremonies.  I should also mention that many of my own ceremonies have included elements from the Catholic Mass at the request of my clients, elements such as the Prayers of the Faithful, Peace Be With You etc.  These elements can respectfully bring together those from Catholic and other religious or non-religious backgrounds in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and acceptance.  Jewish elements have also been included;for example, the breaking of the glass by the groom to mark the end of the ceremony.

Ceremonies can also be simply meaningful and heartfelt expressions of the marrying couple’s love for each other, with beautiful readings and vows, and a focus on bringing friends and relatives together to honour and support the couple’s decision to “tie the knot”  That expression actually comes from the ancient Celtic tradition of hand-fasting where the couple’s hands are tied as a symbol of their union, with a hand-fasting cord or “croix” I have had many requests for this to be included in ceremonies, it’s a wonderful way to link in to ancient traditions.

Overseas Visitors Weddings In Ireland

Many many overseas guests are coming to Ireland for their weddings.  In my opinion Hotels in the west are offering the best hospitality to be found anywhere in the world, and something for every style and budget, beautiful ideas and packages from Castles to country houses, to Barns and yurts.  Surprisingly realistically priced packages. Well worth a thorough investigation for any marrying couple.

Wonderful Venues Weddings In Ireland

I highly recommend Zetland House Hotel, Connemara for an exclusive small wedding (up to 60 guests) Dromoland Castle County Clare for a larger more stately occaision,  The Loughrae Hotel and Spa for their beautiful roof-top terrace overlooking the Lough, Carrygerry Country House, family run, near Shannon Airport, The Slieve Aughtly Centre for a wedding with riding and woodland adventure trails, The House Hotel and marine Spa on Bofin Island for Island life and culture.  The list could literally go on and on, and the activities and hospitality offered is off the scale.  Enjoy your venue hunting and get your flights booked to Shannon.  The new wedding culture in the west is waiting! By Rev Helen Webb, (Interfaith Minister and wedding musician/vocalist)