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Wedding Vows Ideas and Suggestions

Wedding Vows Ideas and Suggestions

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Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are at the heart of a wedding ceremony.  The vows are spoken out loud by the couple and ideally they should be very personal and relevant to their relationship with each other, and relevant to their future together.  I find that time and consideration given to these vows really pays off when the final ceremony is conducted.  A deeply considered vow spoken out loud can be a powerful communication, affirmation and focus.  This creates a positive intent for the future which will impact those witnessing the ceremony as well as the bride and groom.

How to Compose Your Wedding Vows

Some people are naturally succinct when they speak, others tend to find a flow.  Wedding wows are personal, so when you decide to compose your own, start by speaking a few simple ideas out loud.  By speaking out loud, you will get an idea of what feels natural.  Make these initial ideas short statements which express three main points about your approaching marriage.

1. The inspiration that caused you to wish to make a deep and lasting connection to your partner, and not a less committed relationship; what does it say to you? what does it feel like to you?

Inspiration is the beginning of thought, word and action.  Catch the thoughts, find the words (write them down!) and the action will be the wedding itself!

2. The Love you feel for your partner; can you indicate to them what this love means to you, what it is that you love about them?

3. What do you wish to vow? Express the devotion you feel towards your partner and how you envisage your future together.

Wedding Vows express inspiration, love and devotion and frame them in a time, a place, a situation.

Write a few words down as you consider these questions and put them into three groups corresponding to the three points above.  You will either have a lot of words and ideas or not very many.  You may have more ideas about some of the points than others.

The next step is to let yourself write whatever comes to mind in relation to the three points without censoring yourself (only you will see these notes of course)

Last Step in Composing your wedding vows

Leave all your notes for at least an hour, look at them again and the chances are it will be easy enough to cross out what doesn’t seem strongly relevant.  You will then be left with the bare bones of your wedding vows, which you can elaborate upon.

Look out for my next post, I’ll be quoting some actual wedding vows, for those of you who are struggling with this exercise on creating your own wedding vows.

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