Wedding Ceremony Music

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wedding ceremony music
wedding ceremony music

Wedding Ceremony Music – Helen and Liam

From Irish whistle, traditional ballads to classic soul/jazz, classical flute, classical wedding songs etc, there’s something for every situation and every occasion.

Vocals, guitar, concert flute, Irish whistle, Traditional Irish wooden flute, banjo, percussion, kora,

If you require live wedding ceremony music, Helen works with Connemara musician Liam Mac Amhaíla to suggest, or custom create, music for wedding ceremonies.  Helen is also a professional singer and musician see  An Anu also provide music for wedding receptions and wedding parties and offer inclusive prices for helen’s wedding ceremony clients.  

The Uplifting Power Of Live Ceremony Music

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Wedding Ceremony Music; why choose live music?

An Anu can provide ceremony music, reception music and party music for your wedding.  Live music can greatly enhance your ceremony, providing a sense of grace and helping your guests to feel receptive to the ceremony and enjoy the content that you have chosen to include.

The lyrics of your chosen songs will add much greater meaning to important parts of your ceremony. For example, the Unity Candle ceremony can be accompanied by beautiful music. Also the legal section is a chance for your guests to be entertained, perhaps by a romantic ballad, while you and your witnesses sit at a table to one side and sign your marriage documents.

Your wedding reception will have a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere with the right choice and the right volume of music.  Musicians  can create the right mood for a happy, friendly gathering, helping your guests to get to know each other without any awkwardness.  Music creates atmosphere an mood, and live music is  more powerful in that respect, having the power to bring people together and open hearts and minds for meaningful meetings.

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