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Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies

Bespoke Wedding Ceremonies

Your own personally designed wedding ceremony will make your wedding special and significantly relevant to you and your guests.  It would be a bespoke, personally tailored ceremony with unlimited consultations and choices, including, for example: a Celtic Hand Fasting Ceremony, Traditional Blessings, Specific Spiritual or Religious Ceremonial Features etc.

I send each couple a set of questions and suggestions.  The questions will help you to deeply consider the type of ceremony you would like, and the content of your ceremony, such as vows, readings, contributions from family and friends, music (I can also offer Wedding Ceremony Music.)  

The suggestions will help you with practicalities such as sample readings, sample vows, help with composing your vows etc. You can include anything which is meaningful to you in your ceremony.  

You may want to include a Celtic Hand Fasting, a particular type of  blessing, candle lighting, or you may want a very simple or very traditional ceremony.  

After discussing your answers to the questions together, I would work on a first draft of your ceremony, including all your ideas. The process then continues as we refine the ceremony by email or phone/Skype conversations or by meeting again in person.  It’s entirely up to you how many times we talk.  To start the process and get your ceremony underway, why not contact me and I can answer any questions you may have.

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