Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Wedding ceremony ideas are a very significant part of a successful wedding.  The ceremony should truly represent the personalities, hopes, dreams and intentions of the bride and groom. This can be achieved through words, music, personal spiritual beliefs or religion.  Perhaps even dance, visual art, or anything applicable to the particular couple.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas, The Choices I Offer

As an Interfaith Minister my job is to honour the individual spirituality of those I work with.  An Interfaith wedding ceremony created by the marrying couple and myself will express this. Please see my page on Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

I create bespoke wedding ceremonies, designed to represent the personal vision and ideas of the marrying couple.

I have also created some very successful standard wedding ceremonies that marrying couples may choose to use, often with slight changes to personalise the ceremonies.

Wedding ceremonies can include a special feature such as a Celtic Handfasting Ceremony, A Sand Ceremony, A Unity Candle Ceremony.

Help to Clarify Your Wedding Ceremony Ideas

You may need help to clarify your wedding ceremony ideas through meetings and phone conversations with me.  My bespoke ceremony service includes as many meetings or calls as are necessary to arrive at a ceremony that you are totally happy with. BOOK YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY    Contact me

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