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Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies,Alternative Wedding Ceremonies

 I am an Interfaith Minister and legal wedding solemniser, included on the government’s legal solemnisers list (ROI). I create bespoke alternative wedding ceremonies by working with the bride and groom to achieve a ceremony reflecting their own individual personalities, spirituality and intentions inclusive of personal religious or cultural beliefs, or simply reflecting their personal understanding.

The following are questions put to me by one of Ireland’s leading wedding venues, a venue which now promotes my ceremonies to clients wanting civil or alternative ceremonies, because my services offer a practical and flexible option.

 There is one question all couples ask about alternative wedding ceremonies and that is:

1. A) Is this registered like registered civil ceremonies?

B) Is it recognised like Civil Ceremonies provided by the HSE?

The only two areas we know about that are providing ceremonies are HSE Monday –Friday & Humanists Ceremonies – What is the difference in what you provide?

This is how I answered…

1. A) One Spirit Interfaith Ministers are now legal solemnisers and have the same status as Humanists on the list of legal solemnisers in ROI.  The bride and groom go through the same procedure as with a Humanist and a civil ceremony, they register their marriage date and place and pay 200 euros to the local registry office, they also give my name to the registrar and I receive a letter with the details of their marriage.  After this all the legalities are carried out by myself, in the same way as with a humanist or civil wedding.

B) One Spirit Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies are totally recognised legally, exactly the same as those provided by the HSE.

The Differences

I am a One Spirit Interfaith Minister. We are ordained ministers.  This ordination does not involve an allegiance to one particular religion, but to source, spirit, and a service to the spiritual beliefs, traditions or understanding of those being served.  Wedding ceremonies with Interfaith Ministers will be conducted in a way, which honors your beliefs, no matter which religion or tradition (If any) you follow, or no matter how personal to you and you alone.

I often work with couples of two different faiths or religions, or couples who have been divorced but still wish to include some spiritual themes, music, prayers etc in their wedding.  I also work with couples who have no strict religion, but wish to include a blessing, or to mention God, or their own spiritual beliefs which may not include God.

Humanist wedding ceremonies are for those who do not wish to have spirituality or religious or personal spiritual beliefs expressed or mentioned in their ceremonies.

Interfaith wedding ceremonies

..are for couples who would like the freedom to work with an Interfaith Minister to create a ceremony which is entirely their own, and can include anything they would like to include, even if it has a religious or spiritual context.

One Spirit Interfaith Ministers website

Ceremonies are bespoke and created with and for the couple through consultations in person and by phone or Skype.  There is no limit on the number of consultations to create the ceremony with my bespoke ceremonies.  Ceremonies can have very little spiritual content, or be based entirely on a particular religious belief.  

 I can carry out ceremonies on any day of the week including weekends. BOOK YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY Alternative wedding ceremonies

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Alternative wedding ceremoniesAlternative wedding ceremonies alternative wedding ceremonies

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